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J&K Interior studio is a leading commercial and residential Interior Design firm based in Toronto.  Abiding by the concept of "Unlimited Designs for Limited Space", J&K Interior Design offers personalised, professional and performance-driven interiors solution to clients to create a beautiful, stylish and unique space design. With our client’s satisfaction as the ultimate goal, we constantly seek new ways to achieve higher standards to make your space stand out!

We insist on original design and good at diversified design style. To create spaces with elegant design that reflects our clients’ unique style we pride ourselves on excellent communication with every one of our clients. Our desire is to make your space unique.

We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality service at the most affordable price.

All of our designers have years of interior design experience.  In order to make perfect work, we analysis every project, insist on proper layout, focus on details and high quality.


commercial and residential interior design
project management and​ construction
decoration and purchasing
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